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About Company

About Shinhan Industrial

Established in 1968, Shinhan Industrial has provided the best kegs and services based on 50 years of experience and technology as Korea’s first keg manufacturer.

Shinhan Industrial is also a rubber parts manufacturer certified as a “Root Technology Specialized Company” and possesses high technology in rubber compounding, bonding, and injection as well as keg manufacturing.

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Shinhan Industrial provides a one-stop solution.

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Q. What should I prepare in advance of importing keg products?

A. If you request a quotation, we will contact you shortly with information about the unit price and shipping date according to the appropriate shipping method. (Please provide information of the importer, address to receive the goods, desired shipping method, and purchasing quantity)

Q. Are all types of spears compatible?

Yes. As an official partner of MACRO MATIC, we can provide all types of spear including A type, S type, D type, and G type.

Q. How much is the import tariff?

Customs duties vary by country and region at the time of customs clearance. However, the tariff rate may not be applied or may be reduced in case the FTA applies. The tariff shall be 0% for the products that are exempt from the basic tariff, otherwise, you can receive a reduction or exemption by requesting a certificate of origin considering the FTA application.

Q. Is there any VAT? If yes, what percentage is it?

VAT also varies by country. All citizens pay an amount inclusive of tax when purchasing goods. For example, if you bought milk at the market, you would have paid VAT with the purchase. VAT will be applied as it is as above.