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Major clients
Business fields

Business fields

Domestic distributions and export to oversea
Other services such as cleaning, repair, color keg, etc.

We are distributing our products to about 120 breweries nationwide as well as leading domestic companies such as OB Beer, DGO, and Indulge.
In addition, we are exporting our products to named overseas breweries in the USA, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Japan.

Quick Delivery Program

In need of the kegs immediately?
We quickly deliver the kegs from bases in Korea, the USA, and Japan.

Empty Keg Returen Program

Want to recall the kegs distributed in the domestic market?
We clean, store and manage the recalled kegs and ship in required units.

Keg Management Service

Want to improve the traceability of the kegs?
We attach a 2D matrix barcode, QR code, and RFID transponder.